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Bathroom & Wet room Selection

Having a relaxing soak in the bath is one of life’s great pleasures. With Lakeland’s wide range, including corner and whirlpool models, you can create the perfect atmosphere to lay back and relax. A range of bespoke luxury designs and styles help you match your bath with your other bathroom furniture.

Having a wet room installed is an excellent way to make the absolute most of the space that you have, they’re normally very easy to clean and can be a superb investment to increase your homes value.
A well-designed wet room looks amazing and is practical for the entire family. A wet room eliminates those cramped shower areas, creates open-plan luxury for your bathroom area and is the ultimate addition for the modern home. An excellent choice for second bathrooms, en suite bathrooms, smaller bathrooms and even your master bathroom, wet rooms are growing quickly in popularity.

Wet rooms are ideal for people with mobility issues, as they can eliminate the need for a shower tray or restrictive enclosures. If necessary seats and rails can be fitted to improve accessibility.

A wet room is always fully waterproof, so this means no leaks. Say goodbye to damp and mouldy bathrooms! Wet rooms are also fully compatible with underfloor heating systems.

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